Semi Custom Brand Designs

Elevated Brand TEmplates

Our semi-custom brands offer an elevated feel in a pre-designed format. Each brand will be customized for you within two weeks. Designs are available in a limited release format; each brand identity is sold only five times to maintain a distinctive feel.


Artistic • Romantic • Luxury


Floral • Feminine • Classic


Mystical • Powerful • Textural

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A garden-inspired brand combining refined serifs and elegant script with a bouquet graphic. This semi-custom brand has a feminine and floral touch, ready to be tailored to your brand name.

An artistic and elevated brand with refined typography and vintage-inspired graphics. This semi-custom design evokes a romantic and creative aesthetic to represent your brand.

A mystical brand with powerful typography and a symmetrical butterfly graphic. This transformation-inspired design is ready to be personalized for your brand and make an impact on your ideal clients.

Select and purchase your semi-custom brand design: fill out the form, sign your contract, and submit your payment to make it official. Then keep an eye on your inbox: our team will follow up to schedule your Design Day.

Purchase Your Design

Our team will send over a scheduling link so you can select your Design Day (we offer these twice per month on a first-come first-served basis!). This is the day we will set aside to customize your brand kit with your name, tagline, and color preferences.

Schedule Your Design Day

On your Design Day, we'll personalize your brand (one round of revisions accepted). Once approved, you'll receive files in every brand color and file format, along with launch graphics to introduce the new look!

Receive Your Brand!

How it works




After working together, clients have reported:

“I raised my prices when we launched the new brand—and I've been booking consistent new clients who don't blink an eye at the higher price point!”

“I finally have an elevated style to match a higher-end clientele.”

“Great feedback from everyone who has seen it... including new clients who booked right away!”

Please feel free to reach out! Our team would love to answer any questions you might have and help determine if a semi-custom brand is right for you.



Which elements will be customized to my brand?

We will customize the brand name, tagline, and colors to your preferences. Fonts and graphics will not be edited.

Frequent Questions

What do my final deliverables include?

We will provide a Dropbox folder with your Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Alternate Logo, Badge / Icon, and Pattern in every color from your color palette in the following formats: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg, .svg. You will also receive a Brand Style Guide with  hex codes and font links.

How many times is each semi-custom design sold?

Each semi-custom brand is sold only five times to maintain brand distinction for each client.

How long does the process take?

Once you purchase your semi-custom brand, you will receive a link to schedule your Design Day (available every other week!)

What Happens if I need extra revisions?

One round of revision is included in your purchase; additional design revisions may be added at $200 per round.

Can I add Website Design?

We do not offer website design, but we're happy to refer you to our favorite templates and talented custom designers!

Are Font licenses included?

You will need to purchase your own font licenses; we will provide links where you can do so (and we promise, the fonts we select for semi-custom brands are affordable!)

can I book a custom design?

Right this way! We love creating completely custom work for our brand design clients. It would be a pleasure to connect!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Please reach out if you're interested in a payment plan so we can get one set up for you.

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