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Restoration. Connection. Light.

As we navigate those personal journeys, our souls are inherently drawn to nature’s restorative beauty—both fresh and enduring. We yearn to make our hearts new with each season... and yet we find comfort in the familiarity of earth’s ancient rhythms.

Always, we return to nature for inspiration and guidance. We marvel at its capacity for both renewal and endurance. We stand in wonder of its simplicity and complexity; we are captivated by its gentleness and strength. And once again, we find what our souls seek: restoration, healing, hope.

It’s this connection between nature and human soul that captivates me and inspires my work. It’s my hope to bring reminders of our inner journey into the everyday fibers of our daily lives.

Within these intentional textile designs, I hope you are reminded of a deeper journey toward healing and light—a path so often illuminated by nature’s guidance.

My work is inspired by the stories our tender hearts hold—narratives of resilience, healing, and light.

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Organic shapes, rich colors, and earth-inspired pattern designs for your home.

Sarah Ann Design offers thoughtfully designed fabrics and wallpapers for your home. All designs are available in removable and traditional wallpaper, as well as by-the-yard fabrics in cotton, linen, chiffon, and over 20 more textile selections.

All designs are printed to order by Spoonflower. Please contact our team with any customization requests for scale or color. Email for licensing inquiries—we'd love to hear from you.

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