Forever Crushing on Hemingway

Hemingway Quote custom modern calligraphy print by Sarah Ann Campbell Design Hemingway Quote custom modern calligraphy print by Sarah Ann Campbell Design Hemingway Quote custom modern calligraphy print by Sarah Ann Campbell Design

Was there ever a more beautiful writer? Forever crushing on Ernest Hemingway. <3

We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.    -Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast



Sarina’s Birthday

As a semi-side-project to the usual intern duties, I helped one of the people on my team with something a little different: birthday party signs! Little Sarina is turning one soon, and her sweet mama (in addition to being an incredibly sharp ad woman) is planning a party to remember. It was a pleasure to come up with a few designs that will deck the tables:

Custom First Birthday Designs, by Sarah Ann Campbell Design

Isn’t this the cutest idea? Sarina’s going to love opening her “time capsule” one day.

Custom First Birthday Designs, by Sarah Ann Campbell Design

Sarina's Birthday_R2_Page_13

And let’s not forget, every party needs fun props and costumes… especially when there’s a birthday parade involved!

Custom First Birthday Designs, by Sarah Ann Campbell Design

I certainly can’t complain about the chance to design these colorful birthday prints – this was a project right up my alley. Add a touch of custom brush lettering and I am one happy girl. Happy birthday, dear Sarina!

Like a Wildflower

Hello all! I know I’ve been quite remiss in my posting habits lately, but life at TL has kept my plate pretty full. More coming very soon on the internship experience, but for now I wanted to take a moment to share something else: a special commission.

When the nine-to-five gets busy, I welcome a break in routine with special projects like this one. As much as I’m enjoying interning, it’s watercolor+lettering commissions like these that just make my heart smile.

I fell in love with the quote Molly asked me to letter:

Like a wildflower, she allowed herself to grow. Not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all knew of her light.

It was easy to let these beautiful words inform the watercolor design for this print. With plenty of vibrant wildflowers as the backdrop to a hand-lettered quote, this print turned out to be a new favorite of mine. Let’s hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I do!

Wildflower Quote, custom modern calligraphy lettering by Sarah Ann Campbell Design

Thank you to rockstar Molly (who’s crushing it at The Richards Group, by the way!) for providing such a lovely quote to work with, and the chance to indulge in my favorite forms of creativity. A much-enjoyed opportunity to sprinkle something special into my day-to-day.

Custom hand-lettering and watercolor quote by Sarah Ann Campbell Design


Intern, Meet TracyLocke

Well, it’s official… I’m a big kid now, with a real big kid job, in a real downtown office, with a real (intern-sized) paycheck. You know it’s the real deal when your family’s lounging on vacation in Seaside while you’re corporate hustlin’ at a nine-to-five pace… and when your name is officially printed on the TracyLocke intern list!

20150603_090648 Does that really say Sarah Campbell?! It’s not some kind of fluke or mix-up? Pinch me, part of me still can’t believe I’m a part of this team.

I’ve survived my first couple of days with TracyLocke, and I’m already having such an incredible experience getting to know the amazing culture of this ad agency. The internship program organizers have done a beyond-commendable job putting together an experience that makes quite an impression.

I can’t say too much about what I’m up to, considering I signed my life away to a full file cabinet of non-disclosure agreements. But I can say this: I am only three days in and I’m already getting more creative opportunities and brand exposure than I ever dreamed an intern would be allotted. I am so grateful to my team for their patience, friendliness, and generosity in allowing me to assist on projects I’ve only dreamed about!

As if my creative team weren’t inspiration enough, get a load of this: my mentor is Cory Say. His work has been taped inside every sketchbook and pinned on every inspiration board I’ve ever owned. I can’t believe that I’m working with one of my own design heroes… and that he is kind enough to spend time imparting his infinite wisdom to a design novice like me. I find it utterly insane that I get to spend my summer as mentee to the guy who created the likes of this:



900x0_p1974d1qsv1hqp112u9lg1j8kg983… Like, what??!

Luckily I’m surrounded by talent in every direction, as my fellow interns seem to be teeming with genius. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better in some internship workshops this week.

And finally, we got to hear from TracyLocke CEO Hugh Boyle this week. His eloquence (okay maybe it was the charming British accent) and depth of understanding about the industry really brought everything together for me. This is someone who truly stands behind TracyLocke’s philosophy, Buy Design. Someone who is looking to the future as the present that is already here and now for those of us in the business of connecting people to ideas to brands to people. Someone who just gets it. And the fact that the CEO of an agency as successful as TracyLocke spends hours of his valuable time engaging with interns? That’s really cool.


It’s hard to capture what a creatively challenging and professionally growing summer lies ahead of me, but I’m excited it to embrace all of it. I just hope I live up to the challenge! Wish me luck, it’s going to be a tough internship – but a phenomenal one. I may not be at the beach with my family, but my first big-kid summer sure looks like it’ll have plenty of its own perks.

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