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Today I’m excited to unveil a unique project that I think you’re going to love! Though wedding invitation design has stolen my heart, I still reserve a few spots on my design calendar for custom branding projects. Branding is the visual expression of the heart behind your business; a cohesive brand design elevates your perceived professionalism and makes a lasting impression at every touchpoint. I absolutely love these projects, for the same reason that I adore wedding invitations: both projects visually represent a unique story. It is my job to bring those personalities to life in a tangible, recognizable way… and there is no greater joy than uncovering these distinctive stories along the way.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of collaborating with several talented creatives on their brand design. First, it was an honor to work with Sarah at SAY Calligraphy! Though Sarah is relatively new to the industry, she has plenty of talent behind her budding business. Her innate skill with nib and ink set the tone for SAY Calligraphy’s surefire success.

Sarah came to me with several inspirations for her brand identity. She wanted to capture a playful personality, with a memorable logo design that would help her stand out among other hand-letterers. Plus, she wanted to consider adding some kind of graphic into her collateral pieces—as a succulent fanatic, a tiny cactus seemed like the ideal choice.

The primary logo was designed with SAY Calligraphy’s playful personality in mind. The interlocking letters ensure a unique brand; no other calligrapher on the market will be able to emulate such a distinctively personalized design! We also balanced an earthy feel with a punchy color palette, resulting in an approachable feel. A simple line drawing of a succulent was the perfect complement to the main logo: the simple lines maintain a playful look… and the graphic translates perfectly into a fun pattern design. With these new brand elements, SAY Calligraphy is ready to take on entrepreneurship!

I hope you all enjoy this playful brand design. And don’t forget to check out SAY Calligraphy on Instagram. She’s got a bright future ahead!





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