Envelope FAQs


How should addresses be collected?

A spreadsheet is the easiest format for your wedding envelope calligraphy. You are welcome to follow a simple template I have set up here: Guest Addressing TemplateHowever, I can also work with Google Docs or Word Documents—whatever is most convenient for you! Keep in mind: all guest names should be listed as desired on the envelope (i.e., “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith” instead of “Uncle John and Aunt Jane”).

Do you have a list of styles we can choose from?

Due to the custom nature of my work, I do not provide a list of pre-selected styles. However, we can certainly customize your envelope layout to suit your liking! We will typically discuss your vision during a consultation phone call. You can also reference my past work to get an idea of envelopes that most appeal to you.

Will you assemble the invitations and envelopes for us?

Invitation suite assembly is not a standard service for my design packages. However, we can add assembly to your proposal for a small fee—in which case, I will handle all the embellishments (like wax seals and adhering your provided postage stamps) and stuffing details (including correct orientation and stacking order!).

What if we are not sure about the proper etiquette for addressing a particular envelope?

Envelope etiquette can get tricky! If you are stumped on a particular guest, just shoot me an email; I am happy to advise. You can also visit this blog post about common envelope addressing questions. Otherwise, you can always consult the etiquette queen herself, Emily Post—her website is a handy resource, and it covers almost every addressing scenario.

Looking for more advice, stationery wording, and etiquette tips? Head right this way!

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