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What to do with your wedding invitations after the wedding…

If you’ve been cozied up to my website or social media for awhile now, you know that I consider wedding invitations to be heirlooms of your special day – tangible keepsakes from a treasured occasion. I believe they are the first impression to guests, and the last keepsake you’ll hold onto for years to come. All of this speaks to my romantic soul and my paper-lovin’ heart… but what does it mean, practically?

Today I want to take a moment to explore this idea of a keepsake. What does it mean for your wedding invitations to be treasured after the wedding day? How do you keep it from wasting away in a box that never brings those precious wedding-day memories to life?

Below you’ll find just a few ideas to incorporate your wedding invitations into your daily life, long after the wedding day is over. Let it serve as a constant reminder of your sacred vows and of the most joyful celebration of your life.

  • Framed on a Dresser or Nightstand: the simplest option and a beautiful choice—frame your invitation and place it in a spot you’ll see every day. Let the invitation remind you of your marital promises and the joy of your wedding day. Place it on a dresser or nightstand, or frame it in your bathroom or closet so you’ll see it every morning as you get ready for the day. If your marriage encounters any obstacles, let the invitation serve as a visual reminder of your commitment to see them through. (I even know one bride who framed it in her laundry room! She said it’s the best place to see it often, and a reminder to pray for her husband as she washes and folds.)
  • Framed in a Gallery Wall: my personal favorite! If you have a gallery wall of wedding, engagement, and / or family photos, add your framed invitation into the mix. It’s a natural fit with your photos, and adds a distinctive detail to a prominent display in your home. The invitation’s value will only increase as you add photos over the years—perhaps a dog, maternity photos, a sweet new little one. Maybe one day, even grandbabies. However your family evolves over the years, the invitation is where it all began.
  • In Your Wedding Album: when you order a printed wedding photo album (I highly recommend Artifact Uprising), don’t forget to add your wedding invitation to the inside cover. Secure four photo corners to the inside cover to hold your invitation within its pages. Just as the invitation set the tone for your wedding day, here it will characterize your photo memories.
  • Christmas Ornament: for a fun way to re-purpose your invitation, consider creating a keepsake Christmas ornament to gift to your new spouse (and parents / in-laws). Pinterest is chock-full of ideas, but most are very easy projects and can actually be elegant DIY projects.

Lastly, consider using any of the above ideas as a one-year anniversary gift. Traditionally, the gift for your first year is “paper.” What better to represent this milestone than your own wedding invitations? Alternatively, you might wish to give custom-lettered vows or a calligraphic composition featuring your first dance song lyrics. Any of these paper pieces are sure to be treasured in your home for years to come.

I may be biased, but I truly believe invitations are an heirloom worth preserving. Just imagine your own children or grandchildren asking about the invitation framed on your wall—a conversation-starter that prompts the re-telling of your most precious love story. Or perhaps an ornament is passed down from one generation to the next as part of a holiday tradition. Whatever the case may be, your invitation represents a relationship far beyond what a piece of paper could ever capture… it becomes an invitation not just to your wedding, but also to your love story.

Your wedding invitations are so much more than pieces of paper to be discarded. If done beautifully, an invitation sets the tone for your entire occasion, and speaks to the transcendental sacredness of the vows you make at a wedding ceremony. In a world of constant digital stimuli, these paper pieces take on a more sacred and permanent meaning. The tangible items in our lives become rare and precious and worth treasuring.



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