A day in the life

Hi everyone! I’ve received quite a few questions from readerland about post-grad life… Where are you working now? What are you doing there? How often are you working? I figured it was time for an official update on the day-to-day life of yours truly and a behind-the-scenes peek at what my schedule generally looks like. So, here’s…

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Graduation Announcements: what you need to know

Hi lovelies! I know I’ve been gone forever, but between working full-time and planning a wedding (which also feels like full time), life is crazy. That time of year is fast-approaching… May is almost here, and it’s hard to believe so many of you are closing the college chapter of your lives and moving on…

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Haiti Infographic

Speaking of mission trips… Back in my Visualization of Information class, we were tasked with creating an infographic on a topic of our choosing. I was inspired by my Haiti mission trip in to create an infographic about Haiti’s history leading up to the earthquake. For most people, “Haiti” and “earthquake” are near synonymous. But the…

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Be the Salt and the Light: Honduras

Hello, everybody! I hope many of you are enjoying a lovely MLK Day with a little newfound time in your schedule this quiet Monday morning. I wanted to share a design I did recently that is backed with a wonderful cause. This T-shirt benefits Texas A&M Aggie Catholics’ mission trip to Honduras this spring, a weeklong…

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