What Goes on a Details Card?

Wedding Invitation Suite | What Goes on a Details Card? // Sarah Ann Design

Wedding Invitation Suite Design | The Details Card

Over the past few years, the typical wedding invitation suite has expanded to include a relatively new component: the details card. While not a traditional piece of a full wedding suite, details cards have become nearly ubiquitous over the past few years—so popular, in fact, that I rarely design a suite without one!

So, what goes on a “details card?” Just about anything! That’s the best part about this versatile little piece of paper… it’s meant to feature any details about your big day that don’t belong on the main invitation.

Here are just a few ideas of information you might wish to include on a details card:

Venue Address: most popularly, details cards include printed information about the ceremony and reception locations. This may include specific addresses and start times—thus serving as a printed reference guests can tuck into a purse on the day of the wedding.

Venue Illustration: along with the address, couples often include an illustrative sketch of the venue printed on the card. This has become a particular specialty of mine, and I love to create custom sketches for my clients. The illustration can also become a keepsake print for your new home together.

Venue Map: as an alternative to a venue illustration, some couples opt for a map to the venue. This can be a great choice if you have separate ceremony and reception sites, guiding guests to each location. I typically include a small illustration of both venues within the map sketch as well.

Wedding Website: while wedding websites are an incredible resource for couples and guests, etiquette dictates that a URL should never be included on the main invitation. Thus, the details card is the perfect place to list your website and avoid any etiquette faux pas. Let this serve to direct your guests to the online version of all pertinent information (addresses, accommodations, registry, etc.) Alternatively, some couples include a smaller insert – close to business card size – simply listing the website URL.

Lodging Information: you may also list a short description of available accommodations on your details card. However, if you have multiple hotels with room blocks, consider directing guests to your website for more information.

Love Story: how fun is this?! Some couples include a brief story about how they met and fell in love; others might create a timeline with important dates from their relationship. Whatever the format, a short love story is a fun way to personalize the suite and add a memorable detail.

It’s also important to note a few items that should not go on a details card. While modern etiquette has made plenty of allowances over the years, couples should avoid printing the following details in their suite:

Registry: etiquette dictates that your registry information should be discreet; after all, you are inviting guests for the pleasure of their company, not to empty their wallets. Let your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and MOB/MOG quietly spread the word about your registry when asked. You may also include it on your wedding website (a very convenient spot for guests!), as long as it is listed in a discreet manner (i.e., put the registry link toward the bottom of your site, or in a sidebar—not at the top of the front page).

Dress Code: I’ll give some wiggle room on this one, but here’s the low-down on the traditional etiquette: historically, dress code should not be included in the printed invitation suite. Traditionally, guests would infer the appropriate attire from the design of the invitation.

However, today’s modern invitation designs do not always properly convey the level of formality guests should expect at the celebration. For this reason, modern etiquette allows dress codes to be included on a details card if necessary.

Emily Post
 (etiquette queen!) would note one allowance: in the case of a black tie occasion, the attire may be listed at the bottom of the main invitation or on an accompanying details card.

Obviously there’s a lot of room for creativity when it comes to details cards! There are all kinds of unique formats for this special piece of your wedding invitation suite. From illustrations and maps to travel logistics and information, details cards strike the perfect balance between fun and functional. They’re an opportunity to express personality, and simultaneously convey helpful information to your loved ones.

I may be a bit biased, but the details card is often my favorite piece of the entire wedding invitation suite! Details cards are included in all of my Grande Semi-Custom Suite designs; or for something a bit more personalized, I’d be honored to create one just for you. Feel free to inquire with any questions or ideas about a details card for your own custom wedding suite design; it would be my pleasure to chat all about your options.

Feminine Shoot at The RoseMary Barn

Custom Wedding Invitation Design // Sarah Ann Design

What a pleasure to be featured on the Brides of North Texas blog today! This pink, ivory, and gold styled shoot exudes femininity at every turn. Our photographer Laylee Emadi dreamed up the soft and romantic aesthetic—and you can’t help but fall in love with all the girly details. From a lace and tulle gown (could there be a better skirt for twirling?) and the bride’s romantic updo, to a whimsical floral wall installation and petite frosted cake… every detail exquisitely captured a feminine feel.

The custom wedding invitation design was crafted to complement a romantic aesthetic. Delicate floral illustrations and deckled-edge handmade paper provided a soft backdrop to ethereal gold calligraphy and a custom venue illustration. With pretty paper liners to complement the invitation, the blush and ivory envelopes were the finishing touch.

Take a peek at this beautiful gallery and enjoy every romantic detail—especially the custom wedding invitation design! Special thanks to Brides of North Texas for featuring it on their blog today.


Custom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann Design


One of the best parts of this collaboration? A real bride-to-be was touring the venue during the time of our shoot. On a whim, we asked if she’d be interested in modeling one of our gowns. She agreed! Though her wedding is still months away, this sweet bride-to-be got to play dress up with us for the day and get a preview of what it will be like on her own special day:

Custom Wedding Invitation Design: Feminine Gold and Blush Styled Shoot // Sarah Ann Design


Thank you to all the talented vendors who collaborated on this project. I got to meet several new friends at this shoot, and it’s been so lovely to get better acquainted since then.

Custom Wedding Invitation Design // Sarah Ann Design
Photography // Laylee Emadi Photography
Coordination // Katie Frost Weddings
Venue // The RoseMary Barn
Floral // Haute Poppies Floral
Cake // The Butterfly Cake Factory
Gown // Da Ma Fille Bridal
Hair and Makeup // BB Wellington Artistry

Wedding Invitations: After the Wedding

Wedding Invitations | Sarah Ann DesignAngela Sostarich Photography

What to do with your wedding invitations after the wedding…

If you’ve been cozied up to my website or social media for awhile now, you know that I consider wedding invitations to be heirlooms of your special day – tangible keepsakes from a treasured occasion. I believe they are the first impression to guests, and the last keepsake you’ll hold onto for years to come. All of this speaks to my romantic soul and my paper-lovin’ heart… but what does it mean, practically?

Today I want to take a moment to explore this idea of a keepsake. What does it mean for your wedding invitations to be treasured after the wedding day? How do you keep it from wasting away in a box that never brings those precious wedding-day memories to life?

Below you’ll find just a few ideas to incorporate your wedding invitations into your daily life, long after the wedding day is over. Let it serve as a constant reminder of your sacred vows and of the most joyful celebration of your life.

  • Framed on a Dresser or Nightstand: the simplest option and a beautiful choice—frame your invitation and place it in a spot you’ll see every day. Let the invitation remind you of your marital promises and the joy of your wedding day. Place it on a dresser or nightstand, or frame it in your bathroom or closet so you’ll see it every morning as you get ready for the day. If your marriage encounters any obstacles, let the invitation serve as a visual reminder of your commitment to see them through. (I even know one bride who framed it in her laundry room! She said it’s the best place to see it often, and a reminder to pray for her husband as she washes and folds.)
  • Framed in a Gallery Wall: my personal favorite! If you have a gallery wall of wedding, engagement, and / or family photos, add your framed invitation into the mix. It’s a natural fit with your photos, and adds a distinctive detail to a prominent display in your home. The invitation’s value will only increase as you add photos over the years—perhaps a dog, maternity photos, a sweet new little one. Maybe one day, even grandbabies. However your family evolves over the years, the invitation is where it all began.
  • In Your Wedding Album: when you order a printed wedding photo album (I highly recommend Artifact Uprising), don’t forget to add your wedding invitation to the inside cover. Secure four photo corners to the inside cover to hold your invitation within its pages. Just as the invitation set the tone for your wedding day, here it will characterize your photo memories.
  • Christmas Ornament: for a fun way to re-purpose your invitation, consider creating a keepsake Christmas ornament to gift to your new spouse (and parents / in-laws). Pinterest is chock-full of ideas, but most are very easy projects and can actually be elegant DIY projects.

Lastly, consider using any of the above ideas as a one-year anniversary gift. Traditionally, the gift for your first year is “paper.” What better to represent this milestone than your own wedding invitations? Alternatively, you might wish to give custom-lettered vows or a calligraphic composition featuring your first dance song lyrics. Any of these paper pieces are sure to be treasured in your home for years to come.

I may be biased, but I truly believe invitations are an heirloom worth preserving. Just imagine your own children or grandchildren asking about the invitation framed on your wall—a conversation-starter that prompts the re-telling of your most precious love story. Or perhaps an ornament is passed down from one generation to the next as part of a holiday tradition. Whatever the case may be, your invitation represents a relationship far beyond what a piece of paper could ever capture… it becomes an invitation not just to your wedding, but also to your love story.

Your wedding invitations are so much more than pieces of paper to be discarded. If done beautifully, an invitation sets the tone for your entire occasion, and speaks to the transcendental sacredness of the vows you make at a wedding ceremony. In a world of constant digital stimuli, these paper pieces take on a more sacred and permanent meaning. The tangible items in our lives become rare and precious and worth treasuring.


May Freebie

Hello, May! P.S., where did you come from?! 

This year is flying by, and so is my foray into full-time at Sarah Ann Design. In May, I embark on my third month of solopreneurship—and what a sweet blessing it has been. I’m starting to feel like my days have a bit more routine in my new(ish) role here at Sarah Ann Design. I welcome the balance of structure and flexibility that I’ve found within setting my own schedule and planning my client projects in advance. While things are still busy, I’ve come a long way on making time for myself to rest and restore and enjoy the little moments.

This past month has had a large focus on styled shoots, as we’re in the middle of production season for Brides of North Texas! I’ve been working on some beautiful collaborations and fresh paper designs that will be featured when the new issue comes out later this year.

In addition to production season… May also signals a milestone time of year: graduation season! Congratulations to all my sweet graduating girls. It has been a pleasure working on your custom announcement designs, and helping you celebrate such big achievements.

And of course, the wedding carousel never stops turning. I’ve partnered with several lovely brides this month to begin their stationery design projects. It never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am to participate in this treasured time in their lives. Thank you to all my wedding stationery clients for entrusting me with this piece of your engagement and your wedding day!

As I mentioned, a big part of this month’s growth has been getting into a routine that helps me create enough time to slow down, to appreciate the little beauties around me, to nourish myself and my relationships. With that in mind, I created May’s freebies with a quote that’s been tugging on my heartstrings lately: The earth laughs in flowers. – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Every day is a beautiful symphony of small treasures around us if we just pause long enough to see and hear them. The world is just too beautiful this time of year, and it is worth it to slow down and listen to the melody of nature’s blooms. (Okay, fine—I can’t exactly literally slow down to appreciate the flowers or I’ll be hit with a raging sneeze allergy attack, but ya get my drift on the whole metaphor thing).

I hope you enjoy the wallpapers as much as I do!



Click the links below to open photos and save them to your devices:


Thank You Notes Made Easy

DFW Wedding Stationery // Sarah Ann Design

DFW Wedding Stationery // Sarah Ann Design

Photo // Angela Sostarich Photography 

Of all the wedding to-do’s, one in particular is always guaranteed to be fun: stocking your wedding registry! You pick out amazing items for your new home together; people buy them for you… what could be better?!

You’ll definitely want to thank all your loved ones for contributing these items to your celebration. However, some couples find the idea of writing 100+ thank you notes to be a bit daunting; it’s easy to understand why. But thank you notes are non-negotiable! Though modern technology has allowed some formal etiquette traditions to fade, handwritten thank you notes are still an absolute must.

Here are a few tips to make thank you notes so much easier from the very beginning:

  • Buy stationery you love. Maybe it’s just me, but I think writing thank you notes is so much easier when I get to look at pretty stationery while I get them done. For a really polished aesthetic, consider ordering thank you notes designed to complement your DFW wedding stationery suite. I often recommend purchasing customized notes with the monogram or crest from your invitation design. Custom notecards that are not specific to “thank you” ensure versatile and timeless correspondence for years to come.
  • Start a consistent list. Track gifts in one (and only one!) particular place. Whether you have a bridal notebook, or a dedicated list on your phone, find something that works for you. As soon as you receive a wedding present, write the name of the object (or type it, if you’re a digital gal) along with the name of the generous giver on your list.
  • Bring the list to showers. Let your maid of honor add to the list at any bridal showers or celebratory brunches. This will be much easier than trying to remember gifts later on!
  • Write notes as you receive gifts. Don’t let your thank you’s pile up too high. You won’t want to come home from a relaxing honeymoon to a massive list of thank you notes that still need to be written. Do as much as you can before the wedding; after the knot has been tied, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Make it fun! When you return from the wedding, wrap up any remaining thank you’s alongside your new spouse. Why not make it something fun to enjoy together? Order a pizza, put on some tunes, and knock out any remaining notes together in one sitting. Many hands make light work!

So, now that you have a game plan… what do you write? I’ll make it easy for you with a basic formula guaranteed to work for almost every note:

Dear Uncle John and Aunt Rachel,

Thank you so much for celebrating this special milestone with us, and for sending such a generous wedding gift.

The fine china is a beautiful addition to our new home. 

We have no doubt it will serve us well for years to come, and it will always be a reminder of your love!

We sincerely appreciate your prayer and support leading up to our wedding day; thank you for being a part of this treasured celebration.

Love, Robert and Samantha Peterson 
(isn’t it exciting to use your new last name?!)

Voila! Thank you notes made easy. Even if they seem like a pesky item on your to-do list, don’t skimp on this imperative etiquette requirement. Your loved ones have been generous enough to gift you an entire registry; it’s well worth your time to drop a note in the mail to express your gratitude.

Hopefully, with these tips in mind, thank you notes will be a bit simpler. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have them done in no time! Feel free to reach out if you’re seeking custom thank you notes to complement your DFW wedding stationery suite; I love crafting those special details for my couples.

Best of luck!

Custom Graduation Announcement: Brynn

Graduation Announcement Design / Brynn

It’s definitely graduation season! I’ve had a few announcement designs in the works over the past few weeks, and most of them are finally going out in the snail mail this week. While I usually focus on wedding invitation design, graduation announcement design is a nice change of pace to celebrate a completely different milestone.

One of my favorite designs this week was for a sweet young lady graduating from my own high school alma mater—Ursuline Academy. This May, she’ll don a white dress and wide-brimmed hat, and – with a dozen red roses in hand – curtsy in front of Ursuline’s classic white doors.

Participating in this time-honored tradition is the highlight of what it means to be an Ursuline girl—and a shared experience with alumnae from decades and centuries past. I know how much it meant to me, and to my sister. I’m excited for Brynn to experience the same magic!

For these announcements, I created a colorful custom floral watercolor illustration. A bright color palette combined with playful lettering evokes a cheerful personality.

It is always my hope that this graduation announcement design represent a unique personality, and adequately capture the joy and excitement of this milestone. I hope friends and family smile as they open these envelopes… I know I sure did! Take a peek:


Graduation Announcement Design // Brynn's Custom Announcement Design Graduation Announcement Design // Brynn's Custom Announcement Design

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