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Do you have a mood board for your brand? Or for your event? A mood board is a collection of images that sets the tone for your visual identity, whether for a full brand or just one project. Mood boards evoke a distinct feel, making a visual imprint on our memory. The old adage is true: a picture is worth a thousand words. A mood board conveys your vision with just a few carefully selected images, speaking volumes about the feeling and tone you wish to convey.

Mood boards also provide a reference for future designs and projects; keep a mood board on your desk as a reminder to stay true to your original vision.

With each decision for your brand or event, ask yourself: Would this fit well on my mood board? 

Let it be your litmus test for even the smallest details… Should you pick gold flatware, or silver? Should your bridal gown have lace sleeves, or something more structured? Should you order antique chairs for the office—or something more modern? With every little decision – for a brand, styled shoot, or wedding celebration – take a peek back at your mood board. Would the item in consideration fit well on your mood board? Or does it feel a little out-of-place?

When it comes to branding or event styling, it can be too easy to reach for all our favorite things, all at once… and not all of them fit well together as a cohesive concept—which is, unfortunately, a recipe for a scattered concept and disjointed execution. Mood boards help us define a creative vision, make intentional decisions, and stay on target with a clear aesthetic.

Did you know mood boards are included for each of my branding clients? It’s one of my favorite ways to define an intentional aesthetic for their brand. If you’re interested in a mood board of your own, I hope you’ll reach out. It would be my pleasure to help tell your brand’s story.

Take a peek at this week’s Moodboard Monday creations!



Sarah Ann Design // Custom Branding Mood Boards Sarah Ann Design // Custom Branding Mood Boards Sarah Ann Design // Custom Branding Mood Boards

I would love to help you with branding and logo design, including a custom mood board perfectly tailored to tell your story. Would you like to learn more?



*Note: mood board images are used only to evoke a particular aesthetic for the brand;
they may not be used in any print or web material.



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