Custom Graduation Announcement: Brynn

Graduation Announcement Design / Brynn

It’s definitely graduation season! I’ve had a few announcement designs in the works over the past few weeks, and most of them are finally going out in the snail mail this week. While I usually focus on wedding invitation design, graduation announcement design is a nice change of pace to celebrate a completely different milestone.

One of my favorite designs this week was for a sweet young lady graduating from my own high school alma mater—Ursuline Academy. This May, she’ll don a white dress and wide-brimmed hat, and – with a dozen red roses in hand – curtsy in front of Ursuline’s classic white doors.

Participating in this time-honored tradition is the highlight of what it means to be an Ursuline girl—and a shared experience with alumnae from decades and centuries past. I know how much it meant to me, and to my sister. I’m excited for Brynn to experience the same magic!

For these announcements, I created a colorful custom floral watercolor illustration. A bright color palette combined with playful lettering evokes a cheerful personality.

It is always my hope that this graduation announcement design represent a unique personality, and adequately capture the joy and excitement of this milestone. I hope friends and family smile as they open these envelopes… I know I sure did! Take a peek:


Graduation Announcement Design // Brynn's Custom Announcement Design Graduation Announcement Design // Brynn's Custom Announcement Design


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