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I can’t believe I’m saying this: Sarah Ann Design has been featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper!

I’ve been a fan of Oh So Beautiful Paper for as long as I can remember—certainly before Sarah Ann Design was even a thought floating around in my head. Oh So Beautiful Paper curates one of the most inspiring paper design blogs on the internet. Every image they share sparks new inspiration for me… and for countless other designers, I’m sure.

I’ve always dreamt of a feature on Oh So Beautiful Paper, and I am so thrilled to see it happen. This feels like such a big milestone; I’ll definitely be popping a bottle of champagne tonight to celebrate!

To the content curators at OSBP: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m beyond honored to join the ranks fo OSBP-featured designers.

Stop by and take a peek at my feature… and then cozy up and browse the Oh So Beautiful Paper website. There is so much inspiration floating around their web pages, from some of the most talented designers I know. Enjoy!





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