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Wedding Invitation Suite Design | The Details Card

Over the past few years, the typical wedding invitation suite has expanded to include a relatively new component: the details card. While not a traditional piece of a full wedding suite, details cards have become nearly ubiquitous over the past few years—so popular, in fact, that I rarely design a suite without one!

So, what goes on a “details card?” Just about anything! That’s the best part about this versatile little piece of paper… it’s meant to feature any details about your big day that don’t belong on the main invitation.

Here are just a few ideas of information you might wish to include on a details card:

Venue Address: most popularly, details cards include printed information about the ceremony and reception locations. This may include specific addresses and start times—thus serving as a printed reference guests can tuck into a purse on the day of the wedding.

Venue Illustration: along with the address, couples often include an illustrative sketch of the venue printed on the card. This has become a particular specialty of mine, and I love to create custom sketches for my clients. The illustration can also become a keepsake print for your new home together.

Venue Map: as an alternative to a venue illustration, some couples opt for a map to the venue. This can be a great choice if you have separate ceremony and reception sites, guiding guests to each location. I typically include a small illustration of both venues within the map sketch as well.

Wedding Website: while wedding websites are an incredible resource for couples and guests, etiquette dictates that a URL should never be included on the main invitation. Thus, the details card is the perfect place to list your website and avoid any etiquette faux pas. Let this serve to direct your guests to the online version of all pertinent information (addresses, accommodations, registry, etc.) Alternatively, some couples include a smaller insert – close to business card size – simply listing the website URL.

Lodging Information: you may also list a short description of available accommodations on your details card. However, if you have multiple hotels with room blocks, consider directing guests to your website for more information.

Love Story: how fun is this?! Some couples include a brief story about how they met and fell in love; others might create a timeline with important dates from their relationship. Whatever the format, a short love story is a fun way to personalize the suite and add a memorable detail.

It’s also important to note a few items that should not go on a details card. While modern etiquette has made plenty of allowances over the years, couples should avoid printing the following details in their suite:

Registry: etiquette dictates that your registry information should be discreet; after all, you are inviting guests for the pleasure of their company, not to empty their wallets. Let your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and MOB/MOG quietly spread the word about your registry when asked. You may also include it on your wedding website (a very convenient spot for guests!), as long as it is listed in a discreet manner (i.e., put the registry link toward the bottom of your site, or in a sidebar—not at the top of the front page).

Dress Code: I’ll give some wiggle room on this one, but here’s the low-down on the traditional etiquette: historically, dress code should not be included in the printed invitation suite. Traditionally, guests would infer the appropriate attire from the design of the invitation.

However, today’s modern invitation designs do not always properly convey the level of formality guests should expect at the celebration. For this reason, modern etiquette allows dress codes to be included on a details card if necessary.

Emily Post
 (etiquette queen!) would note one allowance: in the case of a black tie occasion, the attire may be listed at the bottom of the main invitation or on an accompanying details card.

Obviously there’s a lot of room for creativity when it comes to details cards! There are all kinds of unique formats for this special piece of your wedding invitation suite. From illustrations and maps to travel logistics and information, details cards strike the perfect balance between fun and functional. They’re an opportunity to express personality, and simultaneously convey helpful information to your loved ones.

I may be a bit biased, but the details card is often my favorite piece of the entire wedding invitation suite! Details cards are included in all of my Grande Semi-Custom Suite designs; or for something a bit more personalized, I’d be honored to create one just for you. Feel free to inquire with any questions or ideas about a details card for your own custom wedding suite design; it would be my pleasure to chat all about your options.


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