Have you written a love note to your future spouse yet?

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Have you written a love note for your sweetheart to open on your wedding day?

I can’t encourage you enough to write during the season of engagement. Keep a journal, or write love letters to your fiancé.

There are so many ways to preserve your love story on paper:

  • Keep a journal
  • Write love letters to your fiancé
  • Write your prayers for your future spouse in a prayer journal
  • Pen a sweet note for each month of engagement
  • Write one sentence each week describing your relationship

Or, if writing your own words seems daunting, collect quotes or phrases that resonate with you and speak to your love story.

You’ll treasure these words for a lifetime; never again will you experience the same anticipation and excitement to marry the love of your life. In one year or five years or ten… you can read these little pieces of your heart and remember who you were then and how much you’ve grown. You’ll have a written record of your love story—how you loved him then, and how you love him now.

Because it will be a different kind of love. Not more love or less love. Just different love. 

When you say “I do,” on the altar, there is a moment of distinctive transformation. You become husband and wife, divinely tethered together for a lifetime. Your love story fundamentally shifts. A new chapter begins. You are no longer fiancés; you are husband and wife. The love you felt during engagement changes; it becomes something new and permanent and transcendental.

This, engagement, is only the first chapter: really, you haven’t known the full range of your love story yet. None of us have. Before the wedding, you can’t know the wholehearted joy of marriage—the complete giving of yourself to another. Before children, you can’t understand the abounding joy of parenthood… before old age, you cannot comprehend the experience of a lifetime spent together. The best is yet to come; it is always yet to come.


But let me tell you this: you will want to look back on this precious season of engagement and remember this distinctive kind of love.

You don’t have to be a writer or a wordsmith—I promise. Just write from the heart, and bring those butterfly feelings onto paper. Engagement is an essential part of your love story—one that is so sweet and so fleeting compared to a lifetime of marriage. Trust me, sweet brides, you will want a tangible memory of this season in your life, the prequel to your greatest adventure in marriage.

So, let him open a heartfelt love note before you walk down the aisle. Or write a series of letters, to be opened on your honeymoon. Better yet? Keep up the tradition: write love notes or keep a journal in your first year of marriage, and give it to him on your first anniversary. Your marriage will benefit from these glimpses of bygone seasons of love; you’ll savor the memory of newlywed love, and you’ll better appreciate the richer love that has taken root over the years.


Would you like a little help? Together, we can craft a keepsake love note for your bride- or groom-to-be.
The words are yours, right from the heart; I will calligraph them onto paper as a treasured keepsake from this precious season of engagement.




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