Delicate Inspiration at The Legion of Honor

Fine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann Design

Delicate details, regal architecture, and an ethereal quality in every photo… this exquisite styled shoot speaks to my heart in too many ways. It was a pleasure to send my paper pretties to San Francisco along with Ivory and Vine Event Co. and Stephanie Brazzle Photography, where they created pure magic together at The Legion of Honor.

From the bride’s romantic upswept hairstyle to the gown’s fine lace, every aspect of this bridal look captured a feminine essence and intimate feel. With accents like an organic headpiece and dainty shoes, any bride is sure to find inspiration in this stunning wedding-day style.

The architectural details still have me swooning: regal columns set the stage for a grand occasion, accented by the ceiling’s intricate patterns. And I marvel at the stories held within these walls. The Legion of Honor, originally built as a replica of the Palais de la Légion d’Honneur, serves as a fine arts museum. I have to wonder—how many treasures have entered this historic building? How many masterpieces housed within this grand architecture… and how many people who have viewed them? or fallen in love here? I love the opportunity to shoot at a location brimming with history, culture, and – above all – stories.

As for the invitation suite… I think you’ll find that it, too, captures a story with a delicate character. Completely hand-lettered, this delicate suite sits on handmade paper with deckled edges. Subtle watercolor washes complement the fine art wedding calligraphy, and hint at the artistic nature of the venue. With an illustration of The Legion of Honor, vintage stamps, and textured place cards—this suite is perfectly suited to the delicate bride.


Fine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann DesignFine Art Wedding Calligraphy // Sarah Ann Design

I am so grateful to this incredible vendor team. It was an honor to work with vendors of this caliber, and to contribute to such a beautiful gallery. Special thanks to Dear Gray Magazine for featuring our work.

Venue  //  The Legion of Honor
Fine Art Wedding Calligraphy  //  Sarah Ann Design
Planning & Design  //  Ivory and Vine Event Co.
Photography //  Stephanie Brazzle Photography
Hair & Makeup Artist //  Natalia Issa
Dress Boutique //  Frisco Bridal Boutique
Dress Designer //  Crystal Design
Hair Pieces //  Maggie Wu Studio
Jewelry  //  Pratiksha Jewelry
Floral  //  Abelia Floral

Dear Gray Magazine

Sarah Ann Design Welcomes its First Intern!

I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Ann Design’s newest addition: my intern, Emma! Emma attends my own alma high school mater, Ursuline Academy. She recently joined Sarah Ann Design as a summer intern, giving me the opportunity to expand my business with the help of a capable team member. Her kind personality, heart for serving others, and hardworking attitude have already made a stellar impression.

This week, Emma has gotten a taste of the fun side of my job… gown shopping for an upcoming styled shoot! She will also be assisting me with envelope stuffing, address proofing, styled shoots and social media. I’m loving this already!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Emma and let you get better acquainted:

Hi! My name is Emma Fain and I will be a senior this fall at my high school, Ursuline Academy of Dallas. I love being creative and am so ready for this amazing summer before my senior year. My longtime dream, going to Europe, is coming to life this late June. I am looking forward to one of the busiest and most memorable summers of a lifetime!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but am hoping to leave home for college. My whole family lives in Texas, and don’t get me wrong, I love this place, but I am hoping to go somewhere where I can accomplish my own wishes and dreams.

What interested you in this internship?

Being productive and having busy schedules is what I was born to do. I wanted to do something fun this summer that would also teach me about how to work for myself.

What are your plans for the future?

I eventually see myself getting my masters in psychology and working for myself. My dream is to give adolescents, ages 8-18, someone to talk to when family issues come into play. I want them to understand that their voice is being heard and that someone loves them. This is where wedding design and psychology connect for me. Everyone should feel loved because love is one of the most important keys in life. I plan to strive to do everything I can to help the youth feel loved especially when it is difficult to feel at home.

What’s on your current playlist?

It’s summer time—strictly upbeat songs that make me want to jump around my room and dance for hours with my friends!

What are some keywords that best describe you?

I am a unique, mysterious, bubbly, ice-cream loving, 17 year old girl.

What’s your best-ever vacation?

Last summer I went to Thailand and spent the whole week with elephants. I had never been out of the country before so my family sent me off with a company to the other side of the world. It was the closest I had ever been to true nature. We were sleeping in cabins in the middle of the jungle, and waking up at 6am to take baths in the lake with the elephants.

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming year?

I am most looking forward to my senior year adventures that await and finding where they lead me. I am ready to take my own path in life and see where I go after Dallas.


Emma has already been a huge help, and I’m excited to have her on board for the summer! Stay tuned to see more of the projects we complete together (after her incredible European adventure, of course!)


Join me at West Elm in Plano!


Dallas Wedding Stationery | Sarah Ann Design

Meet Dallas Wedding Stationery Designer: Sarah Ann Design

Want to meet me in person and browse a few of my prettiest collections? Great news! I’ll be at West Elm Plano on June 14th from 6:00–8:00pm, along with plenty of talented vendors who are dying to meet you. This event is 100% free, and a great opportunity to connect with local wedding vendors. Plus, shop around West Elm’s beautiful store to complete your wedding registry!

The event is free, but an RSVP helps us know how many friends to expect. So head on over to our EventBrite to put your name on the list: I hope to see you there!

Sarah Ann Design
West Elm Plano
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Root and Bloom
The Rogue Rose
Lane Love Paper Co
Seeds Paperie
Whisk Until Sweet
The Butterfly Cake Factory
Fiore x 7 Flower Bar
Rachel Elaine Photo
Laura Cadenhead
The Cotton Smith
We The Birds
Tiana Mae Designs
Goga Music
Lovely Bride

June Freebie

In the blink of an eye, spring has gone and summer is here—and I’m certainly not complaining about the idea of lazy pool days, frozen margaritas, and plenty of sunshine. Plus, June’s arrival means you get to download new summery wallpapers! Read on to get the monthly recap of May at Sarah Ann Design, and scroll right on down to get those free backgrounds on your phones.

As May draws to a close, I suppose Sarah Ann Design has survived its first calendar season. My heart is so grateful for these past few months; I love the opportunity to create something beautiful every day, and to serve clients in their walk toward marriage. I am humbled that the clients keep coming, and, almost to my disbelief, this passion of mine has turned into a profitable lifestyle. I’d like to take a moment to thank my sweet clients for entrusting me with their wedding-day heirlooms, and for letting me be a part of such a sacred season of their lives.

May highlights include plenty of graduation announcement designs, several completed semi-custom suites, a fully custom design in the works, two branding projects, and about 400 envelopes calligraphed.

The beginning of the month also included several styled shoots with Brides of North Texas—and I brought some pretty unique designs to the table this season! You’ll have to wait until August to get a peek inside the magazine, but I hope you’ll like what you see… I definitely pushed the creative boundaries this year, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with the next issue’s designs!

May also included coffee dates with treasured friends, new partnerships (thank you, OnceWed and The White Wren!), and a lot of thought about my brand and where things might go from here. I am trying (and often failing) to take things one step at a time, trusting that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, good things will come. This month has been a fruitful one, in terms of business and friendships and belly laughs and soul-nurturing.

In June, continued blessings are coming our way. We’re moving to a new home at the end of the month… one that will have a full office space for Sarah Ann Design! (Thank you, my most patient husband, for willingly overlooking a living room constantly littered with handmade paper and silk ribbons and envelopes galore… I think it is safe to say we will both appreciate the upgrade in living space). In other exciting news, I am also welcoming my first intern for the summer! So stay tuned to get better acquainted with the newest addition to my perviously one-woman show.

For now, grab your June freebies below, with my phrase for the month: “The grass is green where you water it.” This month, I’ve really started to see tangible fruits of my labor at Sarah Ann Design. Hard work and tender care and enthusiasm are paying off—all glory be to Him who has given me the passion and talents that fuel this entrepreneurial endeavor. I am grateful to reap what I’ve sown, to see fresh green blades poking up through the earth everywhere I turn.

That being said, envy is a real temptation in this industry of exquisitely crafted work and perfectly plotted Instagram squares. I’ve fallen prey to the screen far too often… but scrolling rarely ever feeds my soul. When I look at everyone else’s grass, my own successes start to look a little less green by comparison. This month, let’s put the screens aside and commit to tending our own gardens; commit to investing our energy in places that matter: in our own creative pursuits, in our relationships with loved ones, and – above all – in Christ.


Enjoy your freebies, and have a wonderful start to summer!




Click each link to download:


P.S. Love the freebies? Glad to hear it! Did you know you can get even more freebie downloads (including wallpapers, printable quotes, and even more goodies) by signing up for my email list? I’ll also send a few of my best tips and content each month. Hit “Join the List” in my blog sidebar (or below each post) to get access! You’ll get this pretty little wallpaper right away:


Much love,



Graduation Announcements: Isabel

One more peek at another of this year’s graduation announcement designs… a sweet and playful combination for a soon-to-be high school graduate! Isabel fell in love with Brynn’s custom graduation announcement design, and wanted to put a personalized spin on her own correspondence.

After Isabel graduates from Ursuline Academy, she’s heading to the University of Texas for college. As such, we incorporated a few nods to her new school: a small longhorn icon, touches of burnt orange color, and – of course – the UT slogan, “Hook ’em!” I’m in love with the delicate detail and playful script in these designs, and I hope each envelope brought a smile to its recipient’s face! Isabel is quite an accomplished young lady, and it was a pleasure to help her celebrate this monumental milestone. Take a look!

Custom Graduation Announcement Design: Isabel // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcement Design: Isabel // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcement Design: Isabel // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcement Design: Isabel // Sarah Ann Design


Congratulations, Isabel! Only a few days until you don the traditional white dress, wide-brimmed hat, and red roses. It feels like just yesterday that I made the same curtsies outside The Academy’s doors. Enjoy the tradition, as it is a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime. And beyond that… have a blast at University of Texas this fall!

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates. All the time and effort behind your diploma is well-worth celebrating!


Graduation Announcements: Caitlin

Graduation season is wrapping up, and so are the last of my custom graduation announcements. As much as I love weddings, there’s certainly something to be said for graduations—they mark such an important milestone, whether it’s the completion of high school or college. With each design, I consider the countless hours poured into each achievement… and what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to receive an outstanding education. It makes my heart happy when graduates embrace a unique announcement design that captures their personality and heralds their achievements in style.

Today I’m showcasing Caitlin’s graduation announcements, which celebrate her commencement from Drexel University. The design is based on my own graduation announcements (take a peek here!) back when I walked the stage at SMU. This entire design is a hand-lettered composition, then digitized and prepared for print. We personalized the text, fine-tuned the script, and changed the color palette to reflect her school colors. We even added a Drexel Dragon into the design as a nod to her soon-to-be alma mater. Add hand-calligraphed envelopes for the finishing touch, and this announcement set was complete.

The best part? I get to hear all about my clients’ next steps in life. Their accomplishments never cease to amaze me! Caitlin is embarking on her career as a mechanical engineer—an impressive feat, especially in the eyes of a right-brained person like me. Not to mention graduating Cum Laude from a highly competitive program! Congratulations to Caitlin, and to all my graduating clients; I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for each of you.


Custom Graduation Announcements: Caitlin // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcements: Caitlin // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcements: Caitlin // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcements: Caitlin // Sarah Ann DesignCustom Graduation Announcements: Caitlin // Sarah Ann Design

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